BCI advises our Vaka Debit card Mastercard cardholders that there was a BIN attack on Mastercard late last week where hackers impersonated card details to make illegitimate transactions. A BIN Attack involves a fraudster taking the first six numbers of a card (the Bank Identification Number or BIN) and then use software to automatically generate the remaining numbers and force transactions through.   

BCI further reassures our Vaka Debit Mastercard Cardholders affected they will have full reimbursement on legitimate fraud transactions.  We encourage cardholders to continue to monitor their accounts and contact us immediately with any suspicious transactions on their accounts.  

BCI immediately implemented further Fraud Interceptor measures to notify cardholders of card-not-present transactions.  Cardholders will receive a SMS text message to their registered mobile phone, alerting them to blocked transactions. For legitimate online purchases, cardholders can contact us on 29341 (or 29342 after hours) to enable the online purchase to proceed.  A variety of transaction monitoring is available to our customers through our My Internet Banking portal, which include Alerts (both email and text) and One Time Password.

BCI reassures all our customers that there is in no way any compromise to your accounts, customer data, or our core banking systems and that BCI has a 24 hour team who are available if you need assistance.

Meitaki ma’ata, Vaine Nooana-Arioka, Chief Executive Officer.